Regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) - We have decided not to host Codegarden in 2020. You can read more about the decision on the blog.

About the Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards in the form that it has today was first started in 2017. The purpose written back then is still true today:

“The purpose of the Umbraco Awards is to recognize the community and partners for the best solutions in and around Umbraco and showcase these as an inspiration for others.”

Submissions can be sent by anyone, and they will be evaluated and scored by a jury that will end up choosing the winners.

The awards jury

The jury consists of five people and since 2019, the majority of the jury members has been found among the Umbraco partners and in the Umbraco community.

It is not allowed to be in the jury if your company submitted a project as an award candidate. 

We are inviting jury members with the aim of having as diverse a jury as possible, enabling them to evaluate the submissions based both on the technical details and the commercial aspects of the submissions.


Previous jury members

Jury members - Umbraco awards 2020


Jury members - Umbraco awards 2019


Jury members - Umbraco awards 2018


Jury members - Umbraco Awards 2017


The jury process

The jury is sent the lists with award submissions prior to the jury meeting, where they are asked to rank their favourite candidates by giving three submissions in each award category points. Each jury member can give 1, 2 and 3 points in each category.

After that, all points are summed up and the jury meets to talk about the submissions. Often there are clear winners already at this point, but some submissions might be at a tie. The jury is in touch until they have reached an agreement on which of the submissions they can agree should be the winner.

The jury is also asked to pick their favorite submissions from across the categories and bring them to the meeting, for the “Jury’s choice” award. This will be discussed and voted on at the Jury meeting until a winner is found.

Being declared a winner in one category does not mean that the submission is taken out of the remaining categories. Thus, a single submission can win multiple awards if it is picked as the best submission by the jury in multiple categories. 

Umbraco Award Winners

Umbraco awards 2020


Umbraco Awards 2019


Umbraco Awards 2018


Umbraco Awards 2017