Regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) - We have decided not to host Codegarden in 2020. You can read more about the decision on the blog.

Codegarden 2020 Gold Partner deal

What is the Gold Partner Deal?

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, you're able to buy full Codegarden tickets at the Early Bird price - €600 - at any time! 


You also get exclusive access to buying tickets for the yearly Gold Partner summit. An event that takes place the day before Codegarden where Umbraco Gold Partners and Umbraco HQ gather in order to discuss what we can do in order to improve your partnership experience. It's your chance to voice your ideas and thoughts with us and it's a great networking opportunity as you'll be in a room packed with Umbraco peers from all over the world.   

Taking advantage of the Gold Partner Deal means you'll automatically buy 1 Gold Partner Summit ticket and then it's up to you how many full Codegarden tickets, 1-day tickets or additional summit tickets you need. 


The Gold Partner Prices: 

- Full 3-day Codegarden Ticket: €750 €600

- Gold Partner Summit seat: €100 (1 ticket is automatically added to your purchase)

- Codegarden Business track - 1-day ticket (27th of May): €250

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