Regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) - We have decided not to host Codegarden in 2020. You can read more about the decision on the blog.

Call for speakers - FAQ



What is Codegarden's goal?

The goal is to give the Umbraco community from all around the world, the chance to connect, share ideas, and attend great sessions which range from general topics to niche technical, and business talks.

With an attendance structure that is becoming more and more diverse, we aim for Codegarden to feature a diverse content for all types of audience: Business, Technical, and Creative.

Who can be next on a Codegarden stage?

We welcome submissions from the Umbraco community and industry experts. If there is a talk that you believe is a great fit for Codegarden, we want to hear from you.

Past speakers at Codegarden include but are not limited to:

  1. ✔️ Developers
  2. ✔️ Designers
  3. ✔️ Project managers
  4. ✔️ Digital marketers
  5. ✔️ Agency directors
  6. ✔️ Product managers
  7. ✔️ Technical writers
  8. ✔️ Open Source advocates

What topics can be featured in Codegarden? 

  1. Business
    Your talk targets sales, marketing and project managers that might have little or no technical background. The presentation is focused on case-stories and enhancing client communication.
  2. Soft skills / Developer’s life
    Your talk focuses on learning experiences and sharing ideas and stories that are engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking. The talk can cover career stories that inspire the audience and leave them with practical and actionable takeaways.
  3. Creative
    Your talk targets web designers and web developers. The audience can expect design focused talks that might contain HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, but none, or very little .NET code.
  4. Technical
    Your talk targets .NET developers, DevOps with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco. The talk delves into Umbraco and will give any developer an edge in the fast-moving world of the friendly CMS.


We welcome new ideas that you might have for a talk you believe would be a great fit for Codegarden’s audience. There are however talks that we will not be able to include in the program, as they are not aligned with the conference’s goals:

  1. - Talks promoting commercial packages
  2. - Marketing pitches/promotion speaks
  3. - Proposals that do not comply with Codegarden’s Code of Conduct

How do we select the speakers?
We have a panel of reviewers with different backgrounds and perspectives. The proposals are presented anonymously to the reviewers who then rate each submission and add a comment. Once the review is finished, the next phase starts by discussing the top-rated proposals. The decision is given based on the time slots available and the diversity of the topics.

As much as we want to accept as many proposals as possible, we are not always able to confirm a time slot for each of the proposals that received a positive review.


What format does the presentation have?
The sessions are planned to be 45 minutes long and do not include Q&A. If the speaker desires, they can open for questions and discussion at the venue afterward.

Do speakers get compensation? 
All Codegarden speakers will receive a full-conference pass. Access to the conference covers 3 full days of Umbraco, lunch and dinner, coffee, water and snacks, as well as social events.
Umbraco HQ will help cover reasonable travel expenses for Codegarden speakers traveling to Denmark. Planning-wise, the speakers will be invited to make their own travel arrangements, while Umbraco HQ handles the hotel accommodation.

When can I submit my proposal? 
The call for speakers is open from the 7th of November 2019 to the 7th of January 2020. You can submit your proposal on Sessionize

The following chart shows the timeline between opening the call for speakers and communicating the results.