Call for speakers

The call for speakers for Codegarden2020 opens on the 7th of November 2019! 

We want to see the best and broadest Codegarden program ever, and for that, we need your ideas and input. We want to hear from developers, designers and the business side of Umbraco, so no matter if you have a great technical session targeting developers, a creative session targeting designers, or a case-story targeting the business audience, then Codegarden could be the stage to present it on.

Interested and want to join Codegarden as a speaker? Find the answers to your questions at this FAQ


Consider who your target audience is, so we can ensure the right people turn up at your talk


Business audience
Your talk targets sales, marketing and project managers that might have little or no technical background. The presentation is focused on case-stories and enhancing client communication.


Soft skills / Developer’s life 
Your talk focuses on learning experiences and sharing ideas and stories that are engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking. The talk can cover career stories that inspire the audience and leave them with practical and actionable takeaways.


Creative audience
Your talk targets web designers and web developers. The audience can expect design-focused talks that might contain HTML, JavaScript, or CSS, but none, or very little .NET code.

Technical audience
Your talk targets .NET developers, DevOps with a strong focus on code and the technical part of working with Umbraco. The talk delves into Umbraco and will give any developer an edge in the fast-moving world of the friendly CMS.


The call for speakers opens on the 7th of November 2019! Save the date.